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St Peters

Three men come before St.Peter one morning. Pete asks the first one what happened and gets the following response:

"I was on my way to work when I realized I'd forgotten my lunch, so I turned around and headed back. When I opened the door, my wife was standing there buck-naked. Now I'm no dummy, so I got to looking around the room. I didn't find anything unusual. So I went to the window and opened it up, and there was this guy, buck naked, hanging off the ledge. I banged on his fingers with all my might, but the sucker just wouldn't let go. So finally I just picked up a chest and shoved it out the window. That did the trick. After that I died of a broken heart."

St. Peter moves on to the next:

"I got up this morning and went to open my bedroom window, but I lost my balance and fell out. Somehow I caught onto the window-ledge of the floor below and was hanging on for dear life, when all of a sudden this guy throws open the window and starts hammering on my fingers to get me to let go. I kept yelling for help, but the guy was nuts. He turned and disappeared, and I thought everything was going to be all right, when suddenly this huge chest comes out the window on top of me and after that it all goes dark."

Finally, St. Peter asks the third man how he met his end.

"Honestly, I couldn't really tell you. The last thing I remember, I was hiding in a chest."

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