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A good way to share the money..

The Monseigneurs from Paris, Orleans and Lyon are getting together for their annual meeting, partly to discuss weighty issues of theology, but mostly to compare their annual "take." (after all, we're all entitled to some job benefits).

The Monseigneur from Paris describes his strategy: "I take a piece of chalk and draw a circle on the floor. Then I toss the money from collection in the air. What falls in the circle is for me, and what falls outside is for God."

Next, the Monseigneur from Orleans speaks: "I do more or less the same thing, with just one difference. I draw a straight line across the floor with my chalk, and then stand right on the line. I toss the collection in the air, and what falls on the left is for me. What falls on the right is for God."

They both turn to the Monseigneur from Lyon, who then reveals his own method: "I'm afraid we don't bring in much in Lyon, so we don't even have the money to buy the chalk. I simply toss the money up in the air: what comes down is for me, and what stays up is for God."

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